Star Party April 2023

Hey all!

We are planning for a star party on the night of April 22. We will leave Chennai on 22nd(Saturday) morning and be back by 23rd(Sunday) evening.

We are going to Yelagiri this time. The venue will have rooms to sleep and neat restrooms. It’s family safe. Please fill the registration form by April 15th so that we can finalise the count and arrange transport accordingly. As always, all the costs will be split equally among the participants.

Register Here!

Looking forward to seeing you all!


We might have a (rather small) chance of seeing the Lyrids.

I wanted to go but I can’t as I broke my wrist last week and am recovering. I won’t be able to lift my newt or the EQ5 mount for the next 4 to 6 weeks. I’ll try to join in May or later.

New member here and have registered

Hello everyone, this is Akash from Tambaram. New to the club. I’ve had a bit of interest in astronomy lately with no background of the same, wanted to explore it further and this is the first club that showed up. I would love to join the star party. Can you explain what exactly we do during these parties? How it is organised, the cost and the like?

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Hi @akash.velu , would recommend you to go through the March '23 Star Party! post for a little brief of what we do in star parties. Feel free to comment if you get any further doubts!

Hi All - just an update, we’ll close the registration form this weekend (9 April)

Hey Kishan,
Iam Neeraj, and this my first time joining a astronomy club and iam really looking forward for the event and excited too. So myself and 4 of my other friends are planning to join this event. Can you please confirm about the number of people already joining so that we’ll know that will the event be held or get canceled due to less number of people. And if we get to know about where will we all meet and transportation and other details We will plan accordingly.

Hi, This is Rajkumar, new to this club and field… a beginner… would like to join to know more…

Hi @NeerajIngale , we got more registrations that we can ideally take on :slight_smile:
So no worries about it, its definitely happening xD

We will do a shortlist and once everyone confirms, we can move to planning transportation and other logistics.

Hoping you will not shortlist us😂 but Very Excited to meet everyone with similar interests.
I have a request for you, actually one of my friend forgot to register and now the Google form isn’t working can you please open it for few hours so that we all friends will be together!

Hi @NeerajIngale , I’ve opened the form for today. Please ask them to register.

Thank you @kishan
Also can you please confirm when will we get all the details! It would be better if you give the details atleast 3-4 days prior to the date of event.

All these days I waited for an event and now I will be at Bangalore on those days :slight_smile: happy to join next time. Happy to meet anyone at Chennai before and after those days. Let’s explore.

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Hey any updates, as i have registered for the event and excited to participate next weekend

Hi, how much will the cost be per person and for kids below 12.

Hey any updates on who are selected for the weekend star gazing ?

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Hi we’re a group of 4 signed up for the event 3 weeks ago. But we haven’t received any confirmation nor any details about it yet. Please let us know the details of the event soon since it is happening this weekend and we can plan our travel accordingly. Please mention where the event is happening, when and how to reach the place. What all essentials do we need to carry? How many people can we expect to join us?


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Hi, sorry for this late response. Is lost my phone, and saw this post only now. I’m a total newbie here, but v interested in Astronomy.
Is it too late to join the April Star party now ?

Hi all, we shortlisted the registrants and have reached out to them individually. We received just over 50 registrations, but can only take less 20 people along (due to space constraints in the stay).
Apologies that we’re not able to take more people, we will certainly look to take a broader group next time!

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