March '23 Star Party!

Hi everyone,

We are looking to host a Star Party on March 18th and 19th (Saturday morning - Sunday morning).

The venue for the event will be either Yelagiri or Tindivana, we will let you know as soon as we finalize the location. The cost of the event is expected to be around Rs. 1000 - 1200 per person excluding transport, and we will provide more information on transportation as we get closer to the date. We’ll also be arranging for dinner on Saturday evening, as well as tea and breakfast on Sunday morning.

During the Star Party, we will be setting up our equipment (telescopes, binocs, photography) on Saturday evening and observing the night sky throughout the night until Sunday morning.

If you are interested in joining us, please register your interest by filling out the form form here.


Hello Kishan, I couldn’t fill the form. This message appears after entering the link.

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Hi @kishan,
I would like to participate in this event.
Is it okay if I don’t have any equipments!
Also that Google form isn’t accepting responses.
Thank you!

@Venkatesh My bad, it should be working now! Thanks for calling it out

@Vivek Of course, you can just enter in No equipment. Form should be fixed now!

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@kishan I have registered for this event. Could you please let me know if i can bring my friend too. Do i need to register for him too?

Hii kishan I’ve registered for the event. Thanks for organizing it. May I know details about transportation?

Hi all,
Update: we didn’t get the venue in Tinidivanam, so we are deciding Yelagiri.

Due to some work, I might not be able to join in on Saturday but will help coordinate it. @siva will lead it.

@parthiiban yes, you can, please ask him/her to register too.
@Gayathri we should finalize the transportation details tomorrow, based on number of people coming.


Hi @all, we are cancelling this event as only 4 participants have confirmed as of now and it would make it very expensive for whoever is going as the charges per head would increase.

We’ll plan another event for April and we hope to see more people that time around.


Oh did I miss anything?? How to give confirmation? I filled the form and nobody contacted after that.

Hi @Gayathri , we considered you as confirmed. Still had a less number to actually go :slight_smile:
Hopefully we can have one soon with a good number of participation.


I recently filled out the form. Unfortunately, I have not received any response or confirmation.
I would appreciate it if you could confirm me regarding the star party. Your timely response would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Hi @Sumeet_Subendran as you can see from the thread, we are cancelling this upcoming star party and hopefully will plan one in April

Hi is there anything planned for lyrid Meteor shower in April 22?

Oh, no! Well, I know a few people who will be interested. Maybe there will be enough numbers for April.

Hey! I am new to this site and star gazing. Just not sure as to how do I get to know of the star gazing parties, I mean do I have to come every day on the site to check for updates?

Hi @Vaishali , not at all. Just checking once in a while is more than enough :slight_smile: