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What is the shield like badge next to their names in some of our members ? Is there any way to earn it ?

Moderators have that badge next to their name. Based on the participation and activity in this group the members are promoted. If I’m right you might have received a message from ‘discobot’ about this forum. Check that out to know more :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a tracking dobsonian with a equatorial base built by them self ? if anyone did pls help me on doing so .

Also how can we know about timing of sounding rocket launches in isro ?

The reddit community r/ISRO usually posts about upcoming launches.

Thank you @Stargazer123 !!!

Happy new-year everyone :balloon::balloon::balloon::tada::tada::tada:


Can anyone pls help me learn more about astrophotography ? I am interested to do so but i am really confused of these terminologies like dark frames, bias and etc. Also i completely dont know anything on these filters used for photography. Pls anyone help (not urgent but just for knowledge).

This is a good video explaining calibration frames.

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Thank you @Stargazer123 !!

We can talk about this during this Sunday’s meetup - Monthly Meetup January 2022

Yea @siva i will try to login this time :+1:t2:

Hi CAC members, This is my first post to this group. Not sure if this is the appropriate topic. I will be visiting Chennai with my family between July 7- Aug 7. We are thinking about bringing our astrophotography equipment, so that we can photograph southern hemisphere objects that aren’t visible from where we are located. We would love to meet up with other group members while we are there, if possible.


Will be looking forward to meeting you in one of our events!

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Not sure “Southern Hemisphere” objects are visible from Chennai. :thinking:

Can an expert clarify?

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Hi @astroparent, I am located at latitude 37° N, so objects in the southern celestial hemisphere which are at declination lower than -53° never rise above my horizon. On the other hand, Chennai is at latitude 13° N, and so objects with declination down to -77° would theoretically rise above the horizon. In practice, visibility below altitude of 20° is poor. So I think the main difference will be that the objects between declination -35° to -60° are practically invisible from here but should be visible from Chennai because they will be 24° higher in the sky.


Any info regarding the star party ?

Hey @Thiyagarajan , we are thinking of one this month. I personally wanted to go to a location other than Kavalur which we’ve been to last 2 times. So any suggestions are welcome!

It might be a bit costly and logistically challenging to organise this. However, I guess, it might be just one of the best experiences we could hope for. India’s first Dark Sky Reserve to come up in Ladakh soon | India News,The Indian Express. If you guys are keen on this and plan for this, I’ll surely fly down there.
Intriguingly, came across this video from the sky at night magazine here in UK.

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@Gnana I think some of our members have been to Handle before, in the pre-covid times.
Lets see if we can combine Hanle, Ladakh with the new Devasthal observatory in Uttarakhand. That’ll make for an interesting trip.