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Tonight there are 2 Meteor Showers are at Peak:

The Perseids meteor shower is near its peak.

Zenith Hourly Rate: 100 per Hour.
Average Velocity: 59 km/s
Approx Magnitude: 2.2

The eta-Eridanids meteor shower is near its peak.

Zenith Hourly Rate: 6 per Hour.
Average Velocity: 65 km/s
Approx Magnitude: 2.0


A guide to view the meteors.


With this weather, moon, and the city lights, the best we can expect to see is a rain shower :laughing:


Cloudy in Vellore here as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to able to catch a sight if it doesn’t rain.

Here too, good rain and cloudy, we can expect same for tomorrow as well, so show is ruled out.:pensive:

Looking at this satellite map, I think everything is ruled out for at least another week.

Has anyone had experience with building your own telescope?

Hi @Venu, I see there’s a separate topic about this so I will respond there.

The title is a clickbait but the science is very interesting.