An update on star party

Hey everyone! We had postponed the star party we planned earlier due to the unexpected Sunday lockdowns.
The initial post for reference

Now that its been lifted and we’re fairly certain there won’t be any new norms in the near future, we’re planning to hold the event on the last weekend of February (26-27, Sat-Sun).

There are a few spots open for the event. If you had not registered earlier but wish to do so now, please fill the form here. Should you have any doubts reg the event feel to comment and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Note: If you’d already filled the form earlier and have been selected, no action is required.

Thank you all for showing interest and hope you see y’all soon!

Stay safe,


Though I have missed this meet, good to see you all turned up in the meet up. Just wondering, do you all have carry case for 8" scope. Any lead where to buy?

Tejraj sells one for about Rs. 2500. You can contact him at +91 98339 74700 through whatsapp.

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Thanks @Stargazer123

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