What would you like to see in an observer's handbook?

We are thinking of preparing an observer’s handbook for 2021 geared towards Chennai. Some things that we plan to include:


  • Star charts
  • Moon phase?
  • Naked eye targets
  • Bino targets
  • Telescope targets
  • Conjunctions for the month, if any.


  • Meteor showers
  • Any special event in 2021
  • Some writeups(on how to see rocket launches, etc.)

What else would you like to have? Also, how many would prefer this being a printed material instead of a downloadable PDF?

Again, this is not something that might end up happening for sure but we have about 4 months left and this is a good time to figure out if this can/should be done. Please share any ideas that you might have about this.


@siva anna , I would suggest you to visit this website:https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/sights-to-see.html
to get some further help to create the observer’s handbook.
Thank You.

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