What Came Before Big Bang?

Whenever a cosmologist says “Universe born after Big Bang” I was wondering what came before it. Finally found a good forum/blog to discuss it.
Looking Forward to Best Results/Answers.

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This is an interesting question. This is what I know:

When the big bang happened, the universe as we know it, emerged from a singularity which had infinite density and gravity. It was only after this that space and time as we know them today started to exist.Therefore, you cannot have “before” the big bang.

What triggered this big bang…well nobody really knows.

I’m hoping @heykishan and @adhvaidh.maharaajan will share more light on this.

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@siva anna, Can we try to approach this from the different end,like considering a different theory like Big Bounce which shows some light on Pre–Big Bang cosmology.
Thank You for your prompt reply.

I’m new to this forum. Not sure if I can share youtube links, but here is a video on how we arrived at the big bang theory and the history of it.

It talks about the prevalent ideas about how the scientific community had considered different hypothesis like steady state, inflation, etc and how different kind of observations confirmed that it is very likely the universe began from a big bang.

To answer your question in particular: the current theory which is widely accepted by the scientific community as of today is that space and time itself formed at the big bang from a singularity. So the question of what was before the big bang is itself not a correct question! It’s like asking what’s north of north pole.

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