(Successful) Comet Hunt - 12P/ Pons-Brooks

Greetings everyone!

Sharing a condensed report on our stargazing session - and this time in a remote farm house, with minimal light pollution.

We were finally able to spot the comet 12p with the help of binoculars & telescopes. Lady Luck shined on us post the sunset to give us a super clear sky, making a bunch of messier objects visible. We were able to spot/ observe: Comet 12P, Orion nebula, Eta Carine, Omega Centauri, the faint arm of our Milky Way, among other usual objects like Pleiades, Jupiter, Mars.

In fact, the sky was so clear that we spotted 4-5 satellites in the sky!

We had to race against time to spot the most we could before the moon-rise that happened at 11:00 pm. While we did try to spot Saturn & Milky way early in the morning, the moonlight played interference.


It would be nice if you could share the location and some pics of the comet. We too tried from Mambakkam lake, but for us the western horizon was bright and didn’t have any luck.