Star party planned on Jan 21-22, 2023!

Hello everyone,

Excited to announce our first star party of the year on January 21st and 22nd (Saturday and Sunday) at Gogo Camping Kavalur.

Like our previous star parties, this will be an overnight event, with tents provided by the camping site. We will set up our equipment by Saturday evening and spend the night observation. The event will be focused on visual astronomy and we plan to do telescopes and binoculars observation, as well as attempting some astrophotography.

The cost we pay to the site is Rs. 750 per person, which includes the use of the camping site, snacks & tea, dinner and breakfast (on Sunday). The cost of tents will be extra and typically is Rs. 500 - 800. Transportation to the location is not included and we will be planning for transportation (arranging a cab/ carpooling) details closer to the event.

If you’re interested in attending, register here.

Please feel free to reach out or comment any questions you may have.

A quick summary:

  • Star party Location: Gogo Camping, Kavalur (maps link)
  • Date: January 21st and 22nd (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Timings (approx.): Departure from Chennai at 10am, Arrival at the venue by 4pm, depart to Chennai by Sunday 9am.

Hi folks - just an update, we’ll be closing the form and finalising the participants by today EOD.

Heyyy I’m sorry. But can you please let me in? :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: I missed it unfortunately

Thanks everyone for making it!

Please find the high res group pic here - star-party-jan-23-group-pic

This is Swati here, I have just joined this group.
Wanted to know if their are any events planned for the 2022/E3 comet for 1st Feb

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Hi. This is great ! Is the next event planned yet? If yes, can you tell the dates.

Hi @Swati_Arun_Kousik , no nothing specifically planned for the comet.

@Dharini Its mostly likely Feb 3rd weekend (18/19), but its not confirmed yet, we’ll probably finalise it in a week or so.

Thank you for your response.
Do let me know, if any event is planned.

Just wanted to share, with the research I did via the information available, the comet is visible in the southern horizon on 1st Feb and 2nd Feb morning before dawn which is nearly 5:30am (GMT). It’s comparatively closer to the Earth during the above dates.

If possible can you suggest me any locations nearby Chennai where the sky will be clear.


Hello ! I would like to request you all to pls try to keep the star party on 4th week of Feb since i am having my sem exams on 3rd week .

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Yesterday we tried near Marakkanam. Though the place is dark, the city light pollution still did the damage. The horizon of NW direction was washed out. Pulicat lake is another place but we haven’t tried it.


Thank you.
Do let me know if it’s visible from Pulicat lake.

Hey, so I am new to astronomy and to this group. have a doubt regarding the E3 comet.
I have been going through quite a few news articles, few are saying its not possible to see the comet with naked eye and few are saying its not possible to see the comet from India.

Wanted to know whether its possible to see with the naked eye or do we need a binoculars and whether its possible to see from Yelagiri?

Hey Jitxy!
Now you can very much spot the comet using a telescope/ a binocular (provided, the sky is clear and the place’s bortle scale is < 3), but with the naked eye- I’m skeptical that you can.

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Hi all, I’m Vijay and I’m a newbie here. Great to see so many people in the photo.

I have a few questions regarding the January Star Party.

During those days, it was very cloudy here in Chennai. How was the sky in Kavalur?
Did you get the opportunity to take some astro photos? If so, can you share here?


Hi Vijay,
It was clear till 12 am, then periodic clouds started coming up, and there was a thin blanket of haze in the sky :frowning:

Hey folks - I found out about this club today and joined. Would love to get included in the star gazing party in February. Do let me know!

Hello @kishan, is there any update regarding the next event which is planned for feb 18th and 19th?

Dear All, Iam new to Chennai. I just joined this group. Please let me know if there are any upcoming events happy to join. Thanks.

Hi @Jaiyson , due to a few travel plans of our members, next weekend star party looks unlikely, however if it changes I’ll post an update!


Hi Advaidh, Sorry I couldn’t reply as I was held up in the last several days on different programs. Thanks for the reply.

I see even now there is a thin layer of cloud in Chennai these days. I hope it clears soon.