Star Party December 2022

Hello all!

We have been missing out in action for the last few months and we are hoping to break this drought with our first winter stargazing session.

We are planning for the Christmas weekend and we will open our registrations shortly.


We will also have an online meetup in one of the following weekends so that we can all catch up.


Looking forward to this one @siva.

@siva Where will be the location?

We will confirm this by tomorrow evening.

@siva Sorry, i could not join the skype meeting. Any update on Star party please?

Hi folks, unfortunately we did not get either of the venues we were hoping to get (thanks to holiday season), so we’re planning to move our Star party to Jan '23. The dates will likely be Jan 21-22 (Sat-Sun), since it’s a new moon weekend. we’ll book the venue and I’ll post any update as they come!

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate, and Happy holidays! :cocktail:


Is the star party still on for this month?