Speaker Series - There's more than one way to become an astronomer!

Are you a student who wants to become a professional astronomer?

Join us on 2020-10-11T04:30:00Z to find out how!

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Preethi Krishnamoorthy
Post-doctoral Researcher, Project PANOPTES, Subaru Telescope, Hawaii

Preethi is a post-doctoral researcher at the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii, USA. She is working on a citizen science project that builds robotic telescopes to detect transiting exoplanets, with help from citizen scientists around the world. She likes using astronomy as a tool to engage school children in interactive sessions and hands-on activities, to help them learn science and in developing a scientific temper. She also enjoys using their crowd-funded telescope to conduct public sky watches and to learn astrophotography.

Avinash Surendran
Post-doctoral Researcher, Keck Observatory, Hawaii

Avinash is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, USA. He is contributing to the development of a new Adaptive Optics system at the telescope to reduce the effect of atmospheric turbulence degradation on astronomical observations. In his spare time, he loves to tinker with their crowd-funded telescope and figure out the right combination of optics and electronics needed so Preethi can do her astrophotography on a budget!

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Was an amazing session. Thanks a lot @siva for conducting this. I would like to know if anyone here is already participating in any citizen science projects. Would like to know on how I can participate in such studies

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Thanks @Pritam_Gembali!

I think @SathyaNarayanan mentioned being a part of citizen science projects on the stream. Maybe he can give more info about this.

As far as CAC is concerned, we are trying to get a few paperworks ready to get started with this as on behalf of the club as well. Due to the lockdown and the whole covid situation I’ve been postponing going out to see lawyers and stuff. Hopefully the situation improves soon.


@SathyaNarayanan could you please shed some light on what kind of projects you’re involved in?

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Hi. I actually hunt asteroids by taking part in the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC). There are many such citizen science projects funded by NASA…You can find the list here. https://science.nasa.gov/citizenscience

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