Southern Sky Beauties #1

Lagoon Nebula a.k.a M8/NGC 6523

  • It’s an Emission nebula with HII regions, i.e, an Interstellar cloud of ionised Hydrogen that emits Light
  • High Energy photons emitted by the stars are the source for Ionization
  • Presence of HII region means that Star formation has taken place in that region recently

Trifid Nebula a.k.a M20/NGC 6514

  • This is an another interesting region : a combination of an Emission Nebula, a Reflection Nebula & a Dark Nebula
  • The bottom Red Region is an Emission Nebula
  • The upper Blue Region is a Reflection Nebula
  • The Gaps separating the Lobes in the Emission Nebula is actually a Dark Nebula ( Dense Interstellar cloud that blocks the light in visible wavelengths emitted by objects behind it )
  • The Name means “Divided in to 3 Lobes”, named after the the divisions in the Lower half

Other Notable Objects in the Image :

  1. Webb’s Cross a.k.a M21/NGC6531 - an Open Star Cluster
  2. Starfish Cluster a.k.a NGC 6544- a small Globular Cluster

Chennai, 21.07.2020

Imaging Details :
Lights : 10 sec x 85, f/5.6, ISO 800 @ 200mm |
30 Darks + 50 Flats + 50 Bias
Total Integration : 14min 10sec | DSS, Lightroom Mobile
Canon 80D | Sigma Contemporary 150-600 | Star Adventurer Tracker