Roll-off roof observatory

So if you have been wondering what I have been upto these past few weeks…I built a roll-off roof observatory to help me avoid setting up my astrophotography gear each time. Here’s the current state of the observatory(painting is left).

I did a quick trial run with the full setup last week through some gaps in the clouds. This is Messier 26 with the planetary nebula NGC 2438. Total integration time is only 20 minutes. I had the l-enhance filter on and the star colors haven’t been corrected in the image. Just wanted to check if the observatory works fine.

Also took a video of the opening sequence:

Over the next few months, I plan to automate this whole observatory so that I can control this from anywhere in the world. It would also allow me to schedule a target acquisition list and the observatory should be able to autonomously capture them without my intervention. I will keep this post updated with all developments :smiley:


This metal roof led to very high temperatures inside the observatory during day time. Over the last few days, it consistently hit 40 degrees C and above so I had to do something to address this.

I found these Aluminium bubble sheets on IndiaMart. One helpful vendor suggested getting these sheets with 8mm thickness for my roof size. These cost about 12 rupees per sq. feet. I duct-taped the sheets to my roof last night on some of the most exposed areas and the temperature has already fallen to 33 degrees which is the temperature outside now. Need to see what happens if I cover the remaining portions of the roof too.

There is also a heat reflective paint available for such roofs and that might help in reducing the temperatures further. I didn’t choose that as I wasn’t sure if I could reach the top most portions of the roof without climbing on top of it.

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