Rent red light/torch

I want to rent a red torch to use in astronomy camp sites. Can I rent or borrow from any place? Need it for this weekend. 13,14 March 2021.


Hi, you can get a red color sheet and tie it to the front of a torch light. This is what I do in star parties and it works really well. Just make sure you use enough layers so that the light isn’t strong enough.


is the red sheet easily available in all stationary shops?

Yes…but that might tear off easily as it’s thin. You can also try covering the front of the torch with a red cloth. That is also another option. Another idea is to use red insulation tape.

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I looked for cellophane sheet, but couldn’t get it. So I tried one layer of red balloon over the light, and it looks okay. Right?

You might need to add another two layers of this. It looks too bright(and blueish) at the center.