Planetary imaging - Saturn

Has anyone started to image Saturn for this season? Its still below the 40 deg altitude before sun rises, so not sure if its a good time yet. Also, is there any regular meet up that happens in Chennai area?

It’s still below 40 degrees :thinking:. Where I am, I need to wait a couple of years before Saturn can get above 40 degrees at opposition :frowning:. I remember a few years back I had to wait to get a glimpse of it when it passed between the rooftops. I’d say you are blessed to get it above 30 degrees even with another 4 months to opposition.

Related to your question, the best times to sketch/image any of the outer planets will be at max 20 days before and after opposition. This year the opposition is on 8/September.

However, the opposition time is good because, it will be visible almost throughout the night. But am sure you should be able to see it from Chennai at much better altitude even before it gets into retrograde motion towards the end of June. It’s just that you would have to wait late or wake up really early to start imagining it.

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ok got it. thanks. Yes, have to wake up early if imaging at this time.

Replying late, but wait till the opposition (Aug to Sep) and you will be able to image/see Saturn when it’s almost near the zenith.

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