Places for stars viewing through telescopes in chennai

Hai. I am recently more interested in astronomy and astrophysics and I have decided to buy telescope for stargazing and galaxy gazing. I have read the basics of telescope but still couldn’t able to figure out which telescope to buy. Reason is I am in chennai and as you all know highly polluted place. So Kindly suggest few places( in chennai) and telescopes for star and galaxy gazing. Thank you!

Please read this.

Kavalur is a good place for stargazing (approx. bortle 3). It is approximately 210kms from Chennai.
Nagalapuram and Tada are good places too (both are approx. bortle 4), but you will keep running into trekking enthusiasts (especially in nagallapuram). They are both approximately 70 kms from Chennai.


Thank you. Can you share some telescope spec details for those places? I am in impression that the bigger the aperture the best. Is it true?

Yes. Bigger aperture is better. But, as the aperture gets bigger, the telescope gets heavier and less portable. So if setting up a telescope becomes a pain, you will use it less often or even worse, never. Remember, the telescope which shows you the most is the one you use the most.