Partner for AstroPhotography

Hello myself Pavan (22) , from Adyar Chennai and hope everyone are doing fine in this rainy climatic situations.
I myself am into Astrophotography for the last 2 years and I have some decent experience related to the Galactic core and other deep sky objects. I do wish to have a partner along with me to guide me or join along by my side to explore the deep skies.
I don’t see any discussions or any meetups happening for a long time and I do wish have a discussion along with you guys.
Feel free to contact me for personal interaction and we can plan to meet and plan some events.You can reach me through my mail ID
Have a great day fellow Astrophotographers. :milky_way:

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Hey @Pavan_Vignesh, welcome to CAC!

Speaking about myself, I am not into astrophotography as of now and only do visual astronomy. However, @siva does do astrophotography and usually organises meetups and star parties along with @kishan. We usually have our meetups through our Skype group which you can join here.

Clear skies,