Orion XT8 plus vs GSO 8 inch professional dobsonian

Hi, I want to get myself a telescope and I am contemplating on whether to go with the Orion XT8 plus or the GSO 8 inch Professional Dobsonian. Can anybody help me choose the right one?

Hi !
I have one Orion xt8 dobsonian with me . I don’t know about gso , but both brands are good ! The xt8 is a nice scope , you could get good visual for both planets and nebulas . But you need to buy some more eyepieces since they are generally provide with an 25 mm and and an Orion shorty 2x Barlow lens . You may need to buy a larger eyepiece such as 35 mm for good visuals . Here are few of my pics through my xt8 and my both phone cam and ZWO 120mcs cam !



@Thiyagarajan these images are stunning. I would love to learn how to photograph using dob and process these images

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Thanks @Chandrasekar_C !!! . I will create an new topic on planetary and moon photographing through a dobsonian telescope soon !


Thank you. Appreciate if you can share some tips and tricks in settings, stacking and processing techniques.

Yes of coarse .I will do everything i can !!!


My second attempt capturing Jupiter and Saturn yesterday using my GSO 8 inch Dob and Nikon D3300. Thanks @siva and @Venkatesh_Rajamani for your inputs.


Hi Can you please help me get a telescope and to learn about setting things. i am very new to this. Thanks

Thanks for the A2A ! I would like to give you some information about this topic ! So you can pls first refer the "Choosing Your First Telescope - Telescope Fundamentals " topic .

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Hi Thiyagadajan,
I have a 12 inch go to skywatcher dobsenian. I am finding it very difficult to spot planets. I have Barlow, 0.42, 0.25 and 0.10 eye pieces.
Please guide.

Srikanth Vittala

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Hi @vittala.srikanth !

So if your problem is to locate the planets then -

I am not sure how to use a goto dobsonian but look up in the catalogue for codes or number which you enter in the controler for locating objects properly ( I am not sure but you can search on YouTube )

Locate manually with a finderscope and spot the target

Note - first try using a low powered eyepiece and then you can change to a higher powered .

No problem if you can’t locate in the beginning because it took me several days to practice and locate even a simple star in my fov (field of view) and as a beginner I had no knowledge in these telescopes but now after I had learnt the basics I could even photograph planets .

Thanks for this thread. I have ordered GSO 8" DOB Professional today. Thanks @siva for directing this forum.

Good luck !!! You have now gotten into the hobby :grinning:

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Can you please share where we buy GSO 8 inch telescope


GSO is sold by Tejraj and Orion is sold by goscientifics

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