Orion Nebula M42

Sky full of Nebula’s

Shot on : Nikon D7500 with 105mm

Im happy to share my Orion Re-worked image.
I already shared this photo last year but you can’t see those flame, horsehead and running man in that image due to bad processing now its little better i think so.

This is my very first deep sky image i photographed. During 9th Sep 2020.

It was a early morning shot taken before sunrise ( 4.30 to 5am)and the moon is in its last quarter phase 20.8 days into its lunar cycle . Usually we photograph astro in No moon day (new moon).

There is a very little star trail in this photo that is because of extra 2 sec shutter time.

There are 3 types of Nebula’s in this photo (Totally 5 types)

• Emission nebula - The Great Orion M42
• Flame Nebula NGC 2024

• Reflection nebula - Running man NGC 1977

• Dark nebula - Horsehead NGC 2023

Exif details:

Tracked manually (No star tracker used)

Stacked in Deep sky stacker

Stretched in Adobe Photoshop

Total exposure time - 30 min

Sub exposure:

Light frame - 450 × 3 (4sec - Shutter , F/3.2 , iso -2500)

Calibration frames:

Dark - 30 frames

Biase - 32 frames!

Orion Reworked|690x496


This is amazing! Where was it shot from?

@siva Thank you bro, from chrompet, Chennai.

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I captured the same area of the sky using my iPhone 8 plus. The stars below belt look blue because of the nebula, but the nebula wasn’t visible to the naked eye or the phone. It was visible in Olympus 12x50 EXPS I binocular. It was the first time I saw space dust in space and that was very chilling experience.

IMG_7103 2

Location: East Tambaram

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This is a great shot. How did you manage to get rid of city lights from Chromepet? Did you use any filters to get this ?

@arunsr1996 Wow that’s great :slight_smile:

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By removing stars and Nebula’s from the picture after stretching the image (in duplicate copy) and subtracting that with original copy with stars and Nebula’s will give you dark sky.no filter used and Thank you for comment​:heart::pray:t2:

@Nanikutty that was a good way.

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