Omega Centauri from Chennai Skies

Omega Centauri a.k.a NGC5139/Cladwell80

Globular Cluster is a dense group of stars that had taken the shape of a sphere due to Gravity.

Located at a distance of ~15,790 ly & with a diameter of ~150 ly, Omega Centauri is the largest known Globular Cluster in the Milkyway Galaxy.

It is believed that the origin of Omega Centauri had happened outside milkyway, as a core of a dwarf galaxy, which got disrupted and eventually absorbed by the Milkyway.

Chennai, 09.05.2021

Imaging Details

~ 150 x 10sec, f/6.3, ISO4000 @ 600mm + Darks
DSS | Adobe Photoshop Express
Canon 80D | Sigma Contemporary 150-600 | Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer


Love how this lens is able to resolve the individual stars so well!

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Yeah Bro… I am also Quite Surprised…

This looks wow! Love how the image is so clear!