Nova Cassiopeia 2021(V1405 Cas)

A quick ~20 minutes of integration before the clouds rolled in.

You can see Nova Cassiopeia 2021(V1405 Cas) in the image along with the Bubble Nebula and M52, an open cluster.

There’s a ton of noise due to the lack of integration time. The nebulousity of the Bubble Nebula is also subdued as a result.

Gear Used:
Telescope: WilliamOptics ZS81
Reducer/Field Flattener: William Optics Flat 6A
Mount: SkyWatcher HEQ5-Pro
Camera: ZWO ASI533MC Pro cooled to 0°C
Guide Camera: ZWO ASI 120MM
Guide Scope: William Optics Uniguide 50mm
Filter: Optolong L-eNhance
Lights: 3x360 seconds
No darks
Bias: 10 frames
Gain: 101
Offset: 50


Great ! Would love to see those