North America Nebula & Cygnus Loop - Askar FMA180

Here’s the North America nebula & the Pelican Nebula.
Astrobin link

And the Cygnus loop

Image shot from Los Angeles. Bortle 9 skies.
~6 hours of integration using Astrodon 3nm Ha and Oiii filters.

I love the constellation Cygnus. Has some interesting objects.

About the telescope used - Askar FMA180 -
I am amazed to see what a little telescope/lens could produce.
The scope is smaller than a guide scope. 40mm aperture and 180mm FL.
The glass type used in the scope is undisclosed. But, I still feel it has a decent color correction compared to camera lenses of its class.

With astrophotography in mind, I’d say this is a value for money telescope/lens.

Image acquisition details in link.