newbie question

Hello guys.
I’m just new to this just joined,
But I’ve come into a gift of a Meade LX90.
But there’s a few little parts missing. Ideally I wish I could talk to someone who owns an lx90.
I’ll try and explain there is a long threaded bolt that go up through the leg spreader into the bottom base of the telescope it screws into a little round plate that was missing so I made one but I think there must be some kind of threaded bolt on the inside so the long threaded rod can screw into.

Then there’s the top of the base I think it’s the Dec knob that has a much shorter threaded rod kept in place by a circlip. But what does the other ended threaded part screw into because it’s missing something. Just hope someone can help me out. Because I’ve never been able to afford something like this and now that I’ve been given this beautiful telescope in bits slightly I just need someone to help me with any pictures or where I could get the assembly diagrams so I could fathoms it all out.

Many thanks in advance guys.

Hello Harley,

Pictures of these will be much better to understand and answer your query. But, based on what you have described, I’m making some assumptions here in this answer. As you mentioned that there is a shorter threaded rod in the base, and you have another one that goes through the tripod, I guess there might have been an wedge that was used which you probably are missing. So, if you have a wedge (for EQ tracking), then the long threaded rod that goes through the leg spreader would connect to the base of the Wedge plate and the shorter rod that you say which is attached to the base (mount) will connect to the mount from the wedge. Please check with who ever gave this to you whether they have the wedge still lying around some where. If this is really missing, you can either buy a wedge (only if you want EQ alignment) or you can sit the mount directly on the tripod (I’m assuming the long threaded rod that you mention will fit the mount as well.

Hope this clarifies, if not, if you could get some pictures then it might be easier for someone to help you with this.