Milkyway Core from Chennai (Bortle 6 to 7))

Milkyway Core from Home (bortle 6 to 7) (Untracked, Stacked)

Shot with Canon EOS 750d/Rebel T6i (Stock DSLR)
Sigma 18-35mm art lens @ 18mm

Settings Used:
8 secs
F 2.0
ISO 800

Light Frames 422
Darks 50
No Flats or Bias Frames were taken

Stacked with Sequator
Processed with pixingsight , Color noise removed in Photoshop(ACR),
Final White balance and Contrast adjusted in LR mobile.


This is stunning @dineshk77797!

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Thanks bro :slightly_smiling_face::v:t4:,
Hoping to join more Data from home if the Lockdown doesn’t end :sweat_smile:

If it ends then will be trying a dark loc