Milky Way core from Bortle 1 [Untracked]

I shot this a couple of months ago in Hanle, Ladakh [Dark Bortle 1 region]
Image was cropped slightly due to a noisy cloud coming on the bottom left corner
There is some chromatic aberration due to lens quality

Gear used:

  • Canon T3i [600D]
  • Canon 28-80mm kit lens [at 28mm]
  • Tripod


  • F/3.5
  • 10 sec shutter speed
  • ISO 6400
  • Daylight WB


  • 100 10 second exposures, stacked in Sequator
  • Background extraction done in Siril
  • Editing and levels/curves adjustments done in GIMP
  • Slight noise reduction/tweaking done in Lightroom Mobile

Hi @aaravs, This looks pretty good. Next time you get the opportunity to shoot the milky way, try 5-8 second exposures to see if you have no star trailing. If you see no star trailing, take as many photos as you can and stack them.


Yeah, I’ll try that soon