High aFOV eyepieces

Hi, I have recently come across TeleVue eyepieces which come with an astronomical price tag and have more than 80° (nagler) and 100°(ethos) aFOV, claiming to offer a more immersive “spacewalk” experience. Has anyone used or looked through such eyepieces and are they really worth the money?

aFOV (apparent field of view) : Read more about it here
TeleVue eyepieces: TeleVue’ s website

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Hello Lohitaksh, yes they are very good eyepieces. I’ve been fortunate to have used them without having to pay the price as they are available for members use at my club. However, I believe it is purely a personal preference. Unless you are looking at really large objects I feel I’m completely lost in that field. Many of us in the club by default go to the Baader zoom eyepiece and that is more comfortable even with a FOV comparable to a plossl. Personally at home I use the Hyperion series which gives only a 68deg FOV and for me that’s plenty to see without a huge amount of pupil movement.

For a 80 or 100 degrees FOV and the clarity they give, I can surely say Televue are worth the price. However, you only need to answer yourself as to how many times, do you really need such huge FOV?

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