Guide me to identify stars

So since i am a beginner where do i start and by your comment suggestions i did try identify stars and planets by naked eyes but i don’t know which is star and which is planet and i just used this app but I was not able to understand it i am slow learner so it’s been alway difficult for me so i kindly ask you to guide me

Hello Naren, do not worry about whether you are able to identify planets from stars just yet. This time of the year, most of the planets are placed too close to the Sun from our line of view from earth. So, you’ll be able to see some of them only for some time after sunset or only for some time before sunrise. Rest of the night, all you see now are stars.

If you are having trouble with the app, it might be easier if someone demonstrates it to you. I just checked and there seems to be a few YouTube videos on how to use Stellarium, how to use Sky Safari etc. However, am not sure which one might interest you. You can give it a try and if you still need some help, please let us know.

A few planets that you can spot if you are very keen are, Jupiter which will look like a very bright star just after sunset just about 20 Degrees or so above the western horizon.

Saturn again will look like another small star next to Mars which will look like a somewhat red colour star in the East very close to the horizon at about 5am. You may be able to use the Cresent moon tomorrow and day after to guide you to these.

All the best.

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Thank you yeah i do need some demonstration and yeah YouTube may help me