Getting a 3D print of Bahtinov mask - So Easy - Chennai

Hello all,
I recently got a customized 3D print of Bahtinov mask done for my telescope. Thought of sharing this, as we don’t get this in India off-the-shelf.


  1. Install OpenSCAD into your PC/mac.
  2. Use this thingiverse 3D mask generator to configure for your telescope/camera’s focal length and aperture. Export an STL file, as per the instructions given.
  3. Order your 3d print online in

Mine costed ~Rs.1500 for a 6inch telescope, which is great deal.


  1. While configuring the 3D file, don’t opt for a center hole (for secondary mirror), rather leave it plain. As keeping a center hole creates a 3D file with a very thin rim for inner hole - the printing guys said it will break easily.

Attached a photo of the mask I got printed.


Thanks for sharing this sir! This will be really helpful and cheap for DSLR owners too.