Finally captured comet 12P/Pons-Brooks

I’ve been trying to have a glimpse of the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks for about about a month, which only comes to “visibility” after dusk and I almost gave up on it due to the Bortle 7 sky here and the never-ending haziness, especially near the horizon. And being at a lower altitude of 13 degrees doesn’t help either.


Hi Vijay, where did you try this shot from? We too are trying to hunt for an obstructed western view and relatively dark.

Hi @sramnk, I captured this from my terrace in Kolathur. Provided you can see the western sky at around 30 degrees, you should be able to spot it these days as there is no moon. However, the only problem is the hazy high/mid clouds which reduce the transparency. Look out for clearer days. If the day and evening sky is bluer and the western horizon at dusk is not too bright (meaning clouds reflecting sunlight) we may have more chances of spotting the comet.

Remember, it is not only the light pollution that is the problem that is preventing us from spotting the comet. It’s mostly the transparency.

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