Equipments for Astrophotography and Viewing

Hi Team,

I just joined this group to find more people who have similar interests in Star gazing and interest in Astronomy. I am currently looking forward to buying a Telescope for both viewing and taking Astrophotography. Can some learned or experienced people give me some good suggestions? I currently also hold a Canon 80D DSLR. And any opinion about the Telescope Seestar S50? Thanks in advance.


It’s a very tricky question, especially when it comes to a new type of gadget like this. There are simply so many variables to provide a clear-cut answer. Could you give us an idea of what experience you have with telescopes?

Hello @Manoj, if you are thinking about Seestar, then you need to take viewing/visual astronomy out of the equation. I’d suggest you take some time to think about what you want to do and why before buying any equipment. If you find any of our members close by or if there is another starparty organised then go along and have a feel for the equipment of other members. That would be a good start for you to get to grips with whether you are interested in visual or just astrophotography or EAA or a combination of all of those. All the best.