Equatorial platform for dobsonian telescope

Does anyone have experience using a equatorial platform for dobsonian telescope?
Looks good for electronic assisted astronomy.
Would love to know whether it’s easier to get and use for Chennai latitude?

Hello Mani, A friend of mine uses an Eq platform and am waiting for the right time to buy mine. But, he uses it predominantly for visual observing. He has used it for photography every now and then with decent results. Based on that, I can surely say it would be good for EAA. However, the main catch is about the latitude. Generally, these platforms are designed to accommodate a range of only a 6 / 7 degrees of variation. Say for example, if it is designed for 52 deg, then it can be used easily wiht minor adjustments from about 49 to 55 deg. I have not seen anything that is readily sold for latitueds less than 30 degrees. However, have heard thrrough grapevine about someone in Bangalore who had built such a platform by himself (similar latitude). So, you may have to resort to either doing it yourself or to get help from someone there and get it built for you. There are many resources on the web that provide detailed instructions on how to design one along with the formulas that you would need to calculate the dimensions for your specific latitude. I think @Thiyagarajan was also looking for an EQ Platform sometime back. @siva, @bkishan may be a project for the club to get these built / ordered in bulk for all those who need it in Chennai / similar latitudes? May be a topic to touch upon during the winter stargazing session / online meetup?

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Thank you Gnana.
I contacted Dr Rakesh Patel from Ahmedabad/pune who says he can make these equatorial platform for Chennai latitude.
wanted opinion from people who have used these at this altitude.

Dr Rakesh Patel+91 99135 31014.
Contact him for further details

Unfortunately I’m at a different latitude Mani. However, I will surely say it is an amazing feeling not having to touch the scope for an extended period of time while observing with the platform. I wouldn’t expect the experience to be any different at your latitude. Even though I can’t make out much of a movement through my eyes while the platform is tracking, any camera will surely pick up the variations. But, when you consider the fact that you are not looking for hardcore astrophotography but only for EAA, any stacking software like sharpcap / asilive or any other that you would be using will easily stabilize the image for you.
However, let’s wait and see if there is someone else within our club that uses a platform in and around the same latitude as you who can assure you of this.

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