Dream life in astronomy

Hey there!
I’m Giselle From Coimbatore, third year UG student and I’ve taken Mechanical engineering. So my dreams and interests are very deep in knowing about astronomy but I have no idea where or how to do it or start a career/life in the astronomy field. I will be so glad if anyone shares me any ideas or advices on pursuing my dream and also please let me know about if there is any meet up in Coimbatore.
Hoping for responses.

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Hi Giselle,

I think a nice place to start as a college student is internships. You can apply to summer schools in institutes such as IIA, IUCAA, IIST, and ARIES. These are institutes that focus specifically on astronomy. There are also other institutes such as IMSc, IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, etc. and other places that have people working in astronomy. Check out:


Also, talk to some faculty in your college who might have more ideas about this. If you like the field after doing an internship, you can try studying for a Master’s in astronomy as well. The institutes I mentioned offer such programmes. I have friends who have done this and went on to do a lot of astronomy in their lives! All of these only require you to know basic physics and math that I’m sure you have covered in school/Bachelor’s degree. All the best!



Thank you very much sir!!

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