Conjunction of Mars and Pleiades

Total integration time 26 minutes

Gears : nikon d7500 + 105mm 2.8 lens + tripod

No tracker used

Light - 2sec × 820 frames
Dark - 50 frames
Bias - 30 frames


nice one bro it looks really good.

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@Bharathwaj_Elango Thank you bro :heart:

@Nanikutty can you tell me how to you take shots of it without tracker and can you help me with choosing my first astrophotography camera and lens and how much it would cost. my budget is around 30-40k.


Astro camera CCD or DSLR which one you plan to buy ?
My suggestion is start with DSLR like canon rebel T7i or nikon d3500 these are the basic beginner lvl DSLR.

You can do astrophotography in any lens, if you want to shoot deep sky objects then go with 85mm,135mm or 70 - 300mm.

About tracker
Have intervalometer with you (if your camera as built-in intervalometer then you don’t external one).set a interval 3sec and select no.of photos to 10 or 15 depends on your shutter speed. frames the target in center of your Frame and realign after every set of interval.

@Nanikutty thanks for the info bro. its really helpful to choose my first camera. i will make sure the camera i buy have intervalometer, if not i will buy a intervalometer myself. can you recommend any second hand places where i can get a cheap one?

Nope i didn’t know any 2nd hand seller but be careful check whether the seller is genius and verified.

It is a great picture. Asking because I do not know the general practise…

Since the telescope is inverting the actual eye perception, why picture was not rotated during editing stage? Usually that’s not done? People who do not know Pleiades and telescope imaging might see this and think it looks like question mark symbol, instead of realising it will look like inverted question mark symbol in the sky


Thank you for your comment 1st…

There is no up and down in space, and on that basis there is no right or wrong orientation for an astronomical image. But our brains long for order and pattern and on a very instinctive level it can be difficult to get over the fact that there is no right way.
It’s also okay not to care. There is no right, or wrong, just different ways of seeing. Follow your thoughts.

Capturing data is a rather scientific process, but processing it requires at least an element of the at last this all rotation process in done on their own taste and it should be mentioned in our post so that beginners will know it.


@Nanikutty I have a doubt regarding the dslr, the Nikon one is available near me but I am not able to find the canon Rebel t7i, can you suggest a Nikon or canon alternative for 40-50k


Both are good at its place the basic difference in canon and nikon are in focusing system in video. If your interested in shoot videos go with canon or else choose nikon.

Canon 1200d and 1300d are also good cameras for astro (2nd priority) my instagram friends using these camera tto shoot astro and the result where very nice.

@Nanikutty should i buy nikon d5600 or nikon d3500, im okay with anything but i need to know which offers better worth for astrophotography, alternatives are welcomed. if possible can you guide me with this?

D5600 is little good in low light performance when compared to d3500 and there are some gud spec too.
Before buying try to rent the same model for 2 or 3 nights to test the low night performance, if you like it go with that… happy night sky🙌🏼

@Nanikutty thanks bro. I will check it out and let you know.