Comet hunt drive - 12P/Pons–Brooks

Hi all, sharing a quick summary of an activity we did this weekend - a few members from CAC went on a drive this weekend to a place near Ponneri to spot 12P/Pons–Brooks at around sunset.

We started from Chennai at 4pm and reached the destination at around 5.30pm. After setting up equipment, we took a few shots at spotting it but just weren’t able to spot the comet definitively. We did get good looks at Jupiter, Sirius and of course, the moon. We wrapped up at around 8.30pm and began our drive back to Chennai.

Thanks to Parthiban & his teammates for guiding us to this place and the warm hospitality!

Sharing a couple of pics here,

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it! Hope to see everyone at a star party soon!


This is brilliant @kishan, even though you all didn’t manage to spot it on the day. Hopefully, October won’t fail us with c/2023 A3.

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Missed it!!!.. Do update if you are planning for another hunt… I was not active on the forum last week.

Thank you.

Also if there is any other groups where I can get instant updates on upcoming events or meet-up do let me know.

The WhatsApp group is more active.

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