Challenge Observational Targets for Autumn (Sep-Nov)

These are the challenge observational targets for the months of Sep-Nov. These targets are hard to observe and preferably require a dark sky.
Capricornus: M30
Andromeda: M32, M110
Sagitta: M71
Aquarius:M72, M73
Perseus: M76
Cetus: M77
Reply to this topic if you observe any of these targets and do mention:

  • Equipment used (Telescope or binoculars, aperture of telescope or binoculars, focal length of telescope and eyepiece, magnification, FOV and any filters used)
  • Date and time of observation
  • General location
  • Seeing and transparency
  • Approximate bortle scale class
  • Any details discerned
  • A rough sketch of the object

A log book or an observing form will help to keep track of your observations.