Centaurus A from Chennai Skies

Centaurus A a.k.a NGC 5128 / Caldwell 77 is one of the closest Radio Galaxies ( Galaxies with Active Nucleus that emits very luminous Radio wavelength emissions) situated near Earth.

There is a Supermassive Blackhole at the center of the galaxy with a mass of 55million Suns.

Notable features in the image are the Lobes on either side of the Galaxy and the central disk where Stars form.

Radio/X-ray jets emitted by this galaxy are not captured in this image.

Chennai, 09.05.2021

Image Details :
187 x 10 sec, f/6.3, ISO8000 @ 600mm
DSS • Lightroom Mobile
Canon 80D | Sigma Contemporary 150-600 | Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer