Celestron 8se service

Need help with Celestron nextar 8se service in Chennai. Water seeped into the computerized part of it. Any leads are highly appreciated.
[Phone Number Redacted]

@preetham should be able to help with this.

Thank you for connecting me with Preetham

I will share my experience of how I got it done.

After a week from my purchase, My motor started malfunctioning and it moved vertically on its own, unplugging from the power socket was the only way to stop it. My dealer just told me that We don’t have any service for the Celestron telescope in India, You are on your own and ended the call.

Then I mailed Celestron Uk service center. They said my dealer may have mostly received the product from either of these two distributors “Interphoto” or “A&S creations”. I asked my dealer for the details but he disagreed to reveal the name and after a few more calls from our side. I got their name and he got it from A&S creations.

Then I started talking to A&S creations directly, They also said the name of the distributor will be there in the outer box(please check that). I spoke to their technical support person as well and I was given a decent response and was told this is a common mistake and repairing protocol is not so complicated. They asked me to send the telescope with the warranty bill. They will place the order of spare parts for the repair after they find the things that should be replaced. That will take 3-5 days time. The wait will be so long for them to procure the spare parts for the telescope. It has to be shipped from the UK or somewhere. You know because of covid, it got delayed. We have sent the telescope in the first week of August. But we have received the telescope only in the first week of December.

Their service was average, They were not able to give me the status of the order. I had to mail to a mail ID of the UK to get the information about shipment status. When I got it, two RJ-45 sockets(AUX and auto-guider) were damaged in the mount. They said they will repair it if we send it back. It seemed like damage happened when they tried to repair it. But they said it could’ve been because of mishandling in shipment. But it worked fine as the Hand controller socket was not damaged. I am planning to send it back after some time. Now it is working fine. They are not good but we have to work with what we have.

Contact: (If your distributor is A&S)
Pramila-82679 49616(For general inquiry)
AArthi- 85108 33696(query handling)
Technical support person:70171 76905

I think Inter-foto’s franchise in Chennai as well. But they speak as if selling telescope is like a alien concept to them and noone is buying it. I was not able able to get any information about telescope service from them. They dont provide technical service in Chennai I guess.

Good luck!!

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