Binoculars for stargazing

Before buying the Telescope, now Just looking to buy Binoculars for stargazing & Tripod with smartphone mount for taking pics. Read some articles that 10*50 would be good starting point!
Have few questions, is it better to buy via online like Amazon? Or is there any store in Chennai where I can buy without shelling lot of money?
If possible pls suggest the which brand bino and tripod with smartphone adapter to buy!

Thanks in Advance!

Monopods with bino adapter are better than tripods for visual astronomy.
I’ve not used a smartphone adapter.


It is ok to buy buy online. I got mine from Amazon. Nikon aculon 10x50. Having a good time with it for 4 years.
My friend and I got another Nikon terra binocular from Spencer plaza 3 years ago. That shop even had some basic celestron telescopes as well.
7x50, 8x42,10x50 all are good choices for handheld astronomy. Go for one with wide view and if you want identify constellations easily. My opinion is not to go for zooming types.
If you travel more and use binos for bird watching, go for waterproof models.
I’m very satisfied with Nikon optics. Good for the price.


Mostly I’m gonna get tripod for observing and taking photos, so would Celestron 71009 15x70 Skymaster be good?

Yes it should be fine with tripod.
Try the below parallelogram mount for binoculars.

Message from A & S Creations (New Delhi) for Binocular Parallelogram Mount
Call: +91-8048745687
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I enquired for that Parallelogram mount, the starting price of the product is 15k, actually my overall budget including binos & accessories was 15k, so will go for Tripod now!

Gonna order all those stuffs now :blush:

Thanks for the help on this :+1:t2: