Binocular with two focus dials or right adjustment?

I borrowed an olympus 12x50 from a friend, and saw a lot of deep sky objects in messier catalogue in a dark sky. Only problem was, when I focussed, I found that when the image was sharp in my left eye, it was slightly off in the right eye. But there is no way to adjust focus only for one of the pipe.

I am planning to buy myself a binocular and tripod. Let me know if there is any suitable binocular for astronomy which has this adjustment option?

Hi, I own a celestron 20x80 binoculars and it has a focuser in the right tube and a common middle focuser. I have no issues with focusing and the only drawback is that is really heavy and you arms ache while holding it up. The celestron 25x100 has individual focus for both the optical tubes. If you are planning to buy a binocular with over 70 mm aperture, then you must have a tripod. Make sure to get a tripod which has a maximum height higher than you so that observing objects near the zenith won’t be a pain.

Any 10x or 12x binocs have right focus as well?

You can go for the celestron upclose g2 variants and they do have a right focusser.

But they seem to be not suggested for astronomy. In their website.

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You can go for the 7x50 cometron