Beginners guide

Hello people…as you guys suggest i am stargazing via some mobile app
…though i thought maybe a perfect guide would do lot of help…if there is any YouTube channel which does that or is there any possible way I could learn from some resources the suggestions would be great help thank you

Hi @naren_kaka, you have started started stargazing using an app. Keep doing that.

Before starting your session, put your app in night mode and and wait in the dark for about 10 mins before starting to hunt for starts so that your eyes can adapt to the darkness which will enable you to see the stars clearly.

Try spotting a constellations first using the app - the names of the constellations and stars that form them. Then look for M42, the Orion Nebula and M45 Pleiades star cluster. Both of these bright objects are visible these days.

Don’t rush. Take your time and lean little by little every night.

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I will and thank you